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Get Relief for Your Chronic Pain from Performance PT in Daniels, WV

If you have chronic pain find physical therapy relief in Southern West Virginia at Performance Physical Therapy & Fitness in Daniels, WV. Chronic pain can be managed or relieved in a number of different ways. We believe that a comprehensive approach and a dedication to our patients’ wellbeing is the most effective way to see results. We work with our patients’ physicians to build a custom-tailored treatment plan to improve your mobility and overall function. In fact, many of our customers praise the incredible relief we help provide, as well as the exemplary follow-up services to maintain progress. If you or a loved one are suffering from chronic pain, contact us today at (304) 237-5585 to get started on your relief!

Do I Have Chronic Pain?

While chronic pain is different from occasional pain, some may wonder if they warrant a diagnosis of chronic pain. If you have:

Pain on one side (or sometimes both)
referred pain into the hip, groin or occasionally down the leg
pain into the buttocks, thigh or foot
low back pain and stiffness, increased with prolonged sitting or walking
pain during intercourse (not specific to just SI dysfunction)

you may be suffering from chronic pain. After speaking with your doctor, be sure to call Performance Physical Therapy & Fitness in southern West Virginia to discuss treatment options to help control or relieve your chronic pain. We treat all of the following causes of chronic pain:


If you have osteoarthritis, also known as “OA,” our staff of experienced therapists can help develop a program to decrease your pain and increase your strength and function. Goals of physical therapy involving arthritis include:

  • improving the mobility and restoring the use of affected joints
  • increasing strength to support the joints
  • and maintaining fitness and the ability to perform daily activities

Orthopedic Injury

If you have suffered a joint or soft tissue injury, including:

  • sprains
  • strains
  • ligament or cartilage injuries
  • muscle injuries
  • and more

the knowledgeable and experienced staff at Performance Physical Therapy & Fitness in Daniels, WV, can help. All of our clinicians have extensive experience in this area and can help you on your road to recovery!


For those who have or have had cancer, we can help with:

  • skin care after radiation
  • joint mobility after surgical procedures or radiation
  • strengthening and conditioning after or during chemotherapy
  • the reduction of swelling after lymph node removal or radiation
  • and improving tissue quality from a scar or radiation

Our staff understands that rehabilitation for a cancer patient is different, and more sensitive than a routine orthopedic patient. The complexities of surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and general deconditioning can make it difficult – but we are always here to help!


With three certified lymphatic therapists on staff for comprehensive care and custom treatment plans, we can successfully reduce the size of a limb or other area experiencing swelling due to lymphedema. We can also maintain that progress, and educate our patients on:

  • Proper skin care for lymphedema patients
  • How to reduce large limb size due to swelling
  • How to maintain progress
  • Which compression garments to use and how to use them
  • How to manage lymphedema


The effects of a stroke can be widespread and drastic. When a blood clot or hemorrhage causes damage to the brain, it causes a CVA, or stroke. To improve your strength, balance and function after a stroke, ask your physician for a referral and rely on the specialist physical therapists at Performance Physical Therapy to get you back to your life.

Sacroiliac Dysfunction

Sacroiliac, or SI, dysfunction refers to pain in the SI joint caused by abnormal motion. Whether your SI joint is hypomobile (decreased motion) or hypermobile (too much motion), pain is normally described as “dull back pain on one side or moderate pain during activities such as stair climbing or getting up from a chair.” All of our clinicians have been trained and successfully treated patients who have experienced these symptoms, so call today to begin treatment on yours!

West Virginia Physical Therapy & Fitness Service Areas

Performance Physical Therapy & Fitness is conveniently located on Ritter Drive in Daniels, WV. Our patients enjoy effective, compassionate services from a top-tier staff offering one-on-one custom therapy. With specialty certifications in athletic training and lymphedema therapy, as well as total proficiency at treating sacroiliac dysfunction and back pain, our team is ready to help you live your best life. Rely on us for all of your physical therapy and fitness needs if you live or work in any of the following locations:

Fayette County
Mount Hope
Oak Hill

Mercer County

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Flat Top

Shady Spring

Summers County
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Wyoming County

& More

Contact Performance Physical Therapy & Fitness in Daniels, WV today for help with chronic pain, physical therapy relief in Southern West Virginia.