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Fitness Center 681.207.5059

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Physical Therapy 304.237.5585

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Performance Physical Therapy & Fitness in Daniels, WV

Helping You Achieve Your Physical Therapy & Fitness Goals

Are you looking for physical therapy and fitness for Daniels, WV? Welcome to Performance Physical Therapy & Fitness in Daniels, WV! Our physicians provide the southern West Virginia area with comprehensive outpatient physical therapy services. They also offer a 24-hour fitness center, and a compassionate staff that puts the needs of our patients first. Day after day, our physical therapists help our patients achieve their physical therapy and fitness goals.

Whether you have a sports injury, lymphedema, arthritis, or are recovering from cancer treatments, call Performance Physical Therapy & Fitness. Our therapists go above and beyond to ensure one-on-one customized therapy services, a physical fitness center, and a comforting environment. To regain mobility after an injury, increase your general health, or learn more about us, contact us at (304) 237-5585.

Suffer From Lymphedema, Arthritis, or Sports Injuries? Call Us for PT!

Increasing the function and quality of life of our patients is our main focus. However, our approach to rehabilitation begins with the goal of preserving independence and dignity. Our physical therapy staff tackles your pain or decreased mobility with the tenacity, expertise, and dedication necessary to overcome them. Performance Physical Therapy & Fitness believe that no situation is hopeless. Our physical therapists prove that every day by improving our patients’ quality of life with PT regardless of their circumstances. Performance Physical Therapy & Fitness regularly treats patients suffering from the following:

CVA (Cerebrovascular accident)


Excessive Swelling


Neurological Conditions

Orthopedic Injuries

Pain with Pregnancy

Sacroiliac Dysfunction

*Performance Physical Therapy & Fitness is the only lymphedema clinic in southern West Virginia featuring three certified lymphedema therapists!

Performance Physical Therapy & Fitness in Daniels, WV

If you are looking for a clean, safe, and altogether fun environment to work out in, consider your search over! Our fitness center at 2284 Ritter Drive in Daniels, WV, is the gym you have been waiting for. With all new equipment, a well-kept area, and helpful staff, you can rest assured that you will get the exercise you need. Contact us at (304) 207-4312 today to learn more about our fitness center, or for any of our classes.

West Virginia Physical Therapy & Fitness Service Areas

Performance Physical Therapy office is conveniently located at 2286 Ritter Drive in Daniels, WV. Our patients enjoy effective, compassionate services from a top-tier staff offering one-on-one custom therapy. Therapists have specialty certifications in athletic training and lymphedema therapy. They bring proficiency at treating sacroiliac dysfunction and back pain. Performance Physical Therapy & Fitness is ready to help you live your best life. Rely on us for all of your physical therapy and fitness needs if you live in the following locations:

Fayette County
Mount Hope
Oak Hill

Mercer County

Cool Ridge
Flat Top

Shady Spring

Summers County
Forest Hill

Wyoming County

& More

Contact Performance Physical Therapy & Fitness for physical therapy and fitness in Daniels, WV.